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Reconstructive Surgery

Reconstructive SurgeryIntroduction

Plastic and reconstructive surgery aims to restore form and function to affected areas following injury. Surgical removal of cancer may result in a loss of function or a visible defect in the body. Repair of cancer wounds is aimed primarily at restoring form and function or simply achieving wound closure.

Reconstructive surgery can be required for all areas of the body, from the face to the toes. A variety of methods ranging in complexity from minor skin reconstruction to major limb reconstruction are utilised at our Cancer Centre.

The Plastic and Reconstructive team here at Beaumont RCSI Cancer Centre consists of six full time consultants each with their own individual expertise in various disciplines of plastic surgery. The variety of the internal disciplines (hand surgery, breast surgery, skin surgery, head and neck surgery) allows for a tailored approach to all reconstructions.

Microsurgical reconstruction is the most complex of all reconstructions. This surgery involves using tissue from a distant part of the body (skin/fat/muscle etc). This donor tissue is isolated on its blood supply and disconnected temporarily. The tissue is then transferred to the defect resulting from the cancer removal. The bloods vessels in the tissue are then surgically connected to new blood vessels within the defect using a microscope. This type of reconstruction allows closure and repair of even very major defects.

  • Head and Neck Reconstruction

    Cancers of the head and neck can involve a number of highly specialised parts of the body for example the mouth or the eye. This results in a need for complex reconstructions due to the need to individually repair each structure. We work closely with our colleagues in the departments of neurosurgery and head and neck surgery for the majority of these cases. Each case is unique and reconstruction can range from a simple skin graft to major microsurgical reconstruction.

    A specialist head and neck reconstruction clinic is run every week. Our Consultant Plastic Surgeons who specialise in reconstruction of the Head and Neck are: Mr Barry O Sullivan and Mr Fiachra Martin.

  • Breast Reconstruction

    Breast cancer reconstruction is an option that many women choose to undertake during their cancer treatment. Patients choose from a variety of methods of reconstruction prior to the operation. Different patients are suited to different reconstruction either due to patient preference, body type or cancer treatment priorities.

    Immediate reconstruction is when a new breast is created during the operation to remove the cancer.  In some women, a delayed breast reconstruction is preferable. This is performed at a later stage once all cancer treatment is complete and the patient has progressed to annual surveillance. Beaumont RCSI Cancer Centre is proud to be at the forefront of breast reconstruction in Ireland offering the full range of reconstructive options.

    A specialist breast reconstruction clinic is run every week. Our Consultant Plastic Surgeons who specialise in breast reconstruction are: Mr Nadeem Ajmal and  Mr Jamie Martin Smith.

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