Beaumont RCSI Cancer Centre

Our Cancer Centre

The shared vision of the Beaumont RCSI Cancer Centre is to provide the very best cancer service to our patients by combining first class clinical care with ground-breaking research and high quality education and training. As a cancer centre, there is a requirement for a concentration of staff with specialist expertise in cancer diagnosis and treatment. This ensures a multidisciplinary approach, a significant number of new patients on treatment and the availability of necessary supports to achieve the best practice.

The Beaumont RCSI Cancer centres aims to work closely with other hospitals and community services to ensure appropriate aspects of patient care are delivered as close to home as possible. On a greater scale our ambition is to collaborate with leading cancer centres/ institutes in Europe to continuously improve, share best practice, respond to the needs of our patients, and benchmark our processes and outcomes to enable world-class patient care.

In 2022 Beaumont RCSI Cancer Centre was accredited by the Organisation of European Cancer Centres (OECI) and designated OECI Cancer Centre status