Beaumont RCSI Cancer Centre

Oncology Day Ward

  • General guidelines for attending The Oncology Day Ward
    1. Check in at your allocated appointment time
    2. you will not be seen without an appointment
    3. Children are not permitted in the oncology day ward
    4. Due to limited space you are asked to only bring one support person with you
    5. If you or your support person has any symptoms of vomiting/ diarrhoea, cold or flu like symptoms you must contact the unit before attending for appointment
    6. If you take oral chemotherapy, please bring your chemotherapy tablets with you to every appointment

    Chemotherapy Education: Chemotherapy Education is offered for all new patients to the service. Education is provided by the Daffodil Nurse every Friday 11am to 1pm and we encourage all patients to attend.

  • Members of your Oncology Day Ward Team

    Consultant Medical Oncologist: a Doctor who manages and oversees your cancer care. Consultant Medical Oncologists at our Cancer Centre:

    Professor Liam Grogan

    Professor Patrick Morris

    Professor Oscar Breathnach

    Dr Jarushka Naidoo

    Dr Adrian Murphy

    Registrars & Senior House Officers (SHO), doctors who work with your consultants regarding your condition and treatment plan.

    Oncology nurses are responsible for the planning and administering your treatment and coordination of your care in day oncology.

    Oncology Liaison Nurses are specialist nurses who coordinate your care and support your psychological, emotional and  relevant educational needs.

    Radiation Liaison Nurse provides a liaison service between radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

    Research nurses coordinate the care of patients on clinical trials.

    A Social worker will advise you on practical, financial and emotional issues that may impact you throughout your treatment journey.

    A Dietitian provides advice on optimum nutrition throughout your treatment.

    Physio/Occupational Therapists will advise you about functional capacity and physical issues relating to your cancer care if required.

    The Palliative care team work with your team to provide specialist symptom control management if necessary for your condition.

    Our Receptionist checks you in on arrival, makes follow up appointments and assists with private health insurance forms.

    Our Catering staff provide refreshments while you are attending the Oncology Day Ward for your treatment.

  • Important contact number for patients attending the Oncology Day Ward

    Acute Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist: Mon – Fri  08:00-16:00  TEL: 01 7977710

    Oncology Day Ward: Mon – Fri  07:30-18:30  TEL: 01 8092362 / 8093901

    Acute Oncology 24hr Telephone Triage Service:                                                         Outside Working Hours 18.30-07.30; Bank Holidays and Weekends TEL:  01 7977710

    Oncology Liaison Nurses:                              Professor Liam Grogan        01 8528429

    Professor Patrick Morris     01 8528769

    Professor Breathnach          01 8528428

    Dr Jarushka Naidoo              01 7977944

    Dr Adrian Murphy

    When calling any of the above numbers it is helpful to have the following information at hand: Your diagnosis, your current treatment and  a list of your current medications

  • Acute Oncology Nurse Service

    The main aim of this role is to help oncology patients at home who are having symptoms/side effects from their disease or treatment. This is an acute service for patients who are feeling unwell.

    There is a number to call 24/7 if you are feeling unwell:

    1. Acute OncologyNurse (Mon-Fri 08.00-16.00) 01 7977710
    2. Oncology Day Ward (Mon-Fri 08.00-18.00 if Acute Oncology Nurse unavailable) 01 8092362/01 8528400
    3. St Clare’s Ward (Night time, Weekends, Bank Holidays) 01 8092360/01 8528135

    Unfortunately, sometimes it is necessary to attend the Emergency Department for a medical review. Please follow the advice given as we only recommend attending hospital when it is absolutely necessary.


  • Oncology Treatment Pre-Assessment

    The Oncology department provides a pre-assessment clinic for some patients to attend before beginning treatment.

    You will be contacted and given appointment details for this clinic if it is a requirement for you to attend.

    At this visit you will meet with an Oncology Nurse Specialist who will take your bloods and speak to you about the specific side effects associated with your treatment.

    You will also meet with a senior oncology Doctor to sign a consent for treatment and you will be given any prescriptions you will need for after your treatment.

    All patients starting treatment are encouraged to meet with our Irish Cancer Society Nurse who can provide advice and support around your treatment and cancer diagnosis.

    This can be done in person or virtually. You can contact her directly or ask your nurse specialist to arrange this for you.