Beaumont RCSI Cancer Centre

Cancer Patient Partnership Working Group


We are a group of Patient Partners and staff from Beaumont Hospital, St Luke’s Radiation Oncology Network in Beaumont and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland College that work together on projects that will benefit cancer patients.

We meet six times a year and some of the projects we have been involved in include reviewing, advising on and being part of the development of patient information leaflets, education programmes and surveys. We have also given feedback to researchers that help them to make sure the patient viewpoint is included in their research projects.

Cancer Patient Partnership Working Group


  • What is involved in being a patient partner?


    Patient Partners are people who:

    • Have completed treatment for cancer in Beaumont Hospital or St Luke’s Radiation Centre in Beaumont in the last five years.


    • Cared for someone who has been a cancer patient in Beaumont Hospital in the last few years.

    Whatever background and skills you have, we believe the voices and experiences of patients and carers can be a real force for positive change.

    As a patient partner you will be asked to:

    • Attend meetings: These are held six times in the year and you can attend in person or online.
    • Share your opinions and ideas with us as we work together on projects that will make the care we give to cancer patients better.

    To find out more contact Caitriona Higgins Patient Partnership Lead at 01) 8528883.

    Caitriona Higgins

  • What skills does a Patient Partner need?
    • The time and energy to attend the meetings.
    • Be able to maintain confidentiality.
    • Commitment to doing small pieces of work (like reviewing documents) between meetings.
    • Able to talk about your experiences of health, both positive and negative in a way that others can learn from them.
    • Able to use personal experience constructively.
    • Comfortable speaking at meetings.
    • Work with people who may have a different view.
    • Be open to listen to and think about what other people say, even if you disagree.
  • Meet one of our Patient Partners.

    My name is Nicola Caul-Brennan. I’m a mammy, wife, daughter, sister, auntie, niece and a friend. I work as a Special Needs Assistant in a secondary school since 2007. I was diagnosed with Stage 2 ER+ and Her2+ breast cancer in 2019 and thank God I’ve come out the other side. I joined the group when it was set up first in January 2023. My reason for joining is to spread awareness about cancer, the supports and resources that are available before, in treatment and most importantly I think after treatment.

    The group is amazing. It helps you connect with other patients and hospital staff in a way that we are working together side by side to make cancer care more nurturing, Each patient partner is given a mentor who works beside you on different projects. checks in with you and can explain or answer questions about any of the medical terminology or practices that we don’t fully understand. In turn we give our own personal feedback to the group. Examples of the projects I have been involved in to date are the Skin Cancer Education programme, the development of patient experience surveys and patient information leaflets.


    I am delighted to be a patient partner representing others on the Cancer Patient Partnership Working Group. My hopes and dreams for this group is to help where I can to make the Cancer Services in Beaumont Hospital  from a patient perspective Exceptional!

    Nicola Caul Brennan