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The Cancer Patient Partnership Working Group visit with RCSI Researchers

January 30, 2024 | Blog
The Cancer Patient Partnership Working Group visit with RCSI Researchers

Cancer Research covers a broad spectrum from prevention to treatment and beyond. Making sure patient perspectives and experience guide the research agenda means that it has more value and relevance for patients as well as making it more meaningful for researchers. Members of The Cancer Patient Partnership Working Group (CPPWG) joined researchers in the RCSI lab in St Stephens Green who are looking into treatments for metastatic breast cancer,  It was an very informative and enjoyable visit allowing us to see how lab based research is carried out and to ask questions and to exchange ideas with the researchers. 

Anne Mynes – Patient Partner and Co-Chair of the CPPWG, “For me, the visit to the lab was a mixture of nostalgia for my early days in research in the 1980s, pride in seeing our young women actively investing their time in science and research , and hope that this investment will lead to better outcomes for all cancer patients.”

Vicky Lunt – Principal Clinical Psychologist – “I left the lab feeling reassured that there are world class trials ongoing in Ireland.  I am not sure how many people are aware of just how much passion and focus goes into the work of these researchers.” Vanessa Fay- Patient Partner. “My experience was that I was amazed by the level of research that was going on behind the scenes. As a former patient it was very comforting seeing that there were teams of people working on potential treatments right here in Dublin. It was fascinating to see the imagery on screen. Cancer treatment is simplified from doctor to patient. Take this medicine and you will get better… maybe… But seeing this gave me more faith in the treatments we are prescribed.” 

Victoria and Vanessa

Dr Petra Jagušt PhD, Irish Cancer Society Research Fellow – “The Endocrine Oncology Research Group puts patients at the centre of the research and it was our pleasure to host the Cancer Patient Partner Working Group (CPPWG) at RCSI. This visit was a great opportunity to hear patients’ experiences and insights which I am looking forward to including in my future research. The CPPWG visit has given me a new sense of perspective and reinforced my drive to make a difference. I am looking forward to our future collaborations.”

Louise, Aobhinn, Petra

 Louise Watson and Aoibhin Powell, PhD Students: “We really enjoyed the visit. It was a great opportunity to demonstrate some of the research we do in the lab. We had some very engaging discussions about our research and the impact that it can have. It was a privilege to gain a deeper insight into the vital role of patients in research and the importance of the connection between researchers and patients. “