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Visible Haematuria Pathway: Rapid Access and Rapid Review

8 May 2024 | Blog
Visible Haematuria Pathway: Rapid Access and Rapid Review
Visible blood in urine can be due to many reasons, such as infection or trauma, but it may also be a symptom of Urological cancer and it is important it is investigated thoroughly In 2019, the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland in partnership with the National Clinical...
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26 March 2024 | Blog
Prof Niall Davis discusses robotic partial nephrectomy in Beaumont Hospital and the benefits for patients
The ‘‘gold standard’’ treatment for surgical management of small kidney cancers has shifted from radical nephrectomy (ie total nephrectomy) to robotic partial nephrectomy (RPN) RPN is designed to provide minimally invasive nephron sparing surgery and is technically...
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19 February 2024 | Blog
Key Roles in the management of Upper Gastro Intestinal cancer at Beaumont RCSI Cancer Centre
With the spotlight on Upper Gastro Intestinal (UGI) cancers this month we focus on some of the key roles in our expert service at Beaumont RCSI Cancer Centre Our patients  have access to experts in advanced endoscopic techniques, minimally invasive surgery and structured...
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31 January 2024 | Blog
Advanced Endoscopic Techniques improve Patient Outcomes
My name is Professor Danny Cheriyan, and I’m a Consultant Gastroenterologist in Beaumont Hospital I work in all areas of gastroenterology but I have a special interest in advanced endoscopy One of the procedures that I’m particularly interested in is Endoscopic Submucosal...
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30 January 2024 | Blog
The Cancer Patient Partnership Working Group visit with RCSI Researchers
Cancer Research covers a broad spectrum from prevention to treatment and beyond Making sure patient perspectives and experience guide the research agenda means that it has more value and relevance for patients as well as making it more meaningful for researchers Members of The...
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24 January 2024 | Blog
Investigating the need for a Nurse led Pre Treatment Clinic for Blood Cancer Patients
My name is Laura Kiernan and I work as a Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) in Haematology The main focus of my CNS role is to provide support and education for patients with a new diagnosis or relapsed haematological malignancy (blood cancer), such as Multiple Myeloma, Leukaemia...
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22 January 2024 | Blog
Dr Daniel Ryan updates us on Innovative Endoscopic interventions for Lung Cancer Patients
The Lung Cancer Service offers swift access for patients with a suspicion of lung Cancer via the Rapid Access Lung Cancer Clinic and see 96% of referrals within 10 working days However having swift access to diagnostics is just as important for our patients The Beaumont Hospital...
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10 January 2024 | Blog
Rozanna Hardie highlights the important role of the Laboratory in the Cancer Patient’s Journey
  The laboratory in the Beaumont RCSI Cancer Centre is made up of many different departments, all of which at some point have a part to play in helping Cancer Patients through their journey from diagnosis, to treatment Rozanna Hardie, Business Manager in the...
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27 November 2023 | Blog
The ADEPPT Clinical Trial opens in Beaumont Hospital
My name is Professor Jarushka Naidoo I am a medical oncologist working in the Beaumont RCSI Cancer Centre and I am excited to announce that on November 9th we opened the ADEPPT trial in Beaumont Hospital This trial, which is being run by ETOP-IBCSG clinical trials group, and...
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3 October 2023 | Blog
Breast Cancer – It’s not always a lump!
Jane is a patient of the breast cancer service in Beaumont RCSI Cancer Centre Jane was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2022 and here she shares her story and important message: "My name is Jane, I was diagnosed with breast cancer aged 46 and I'm telling you my story because I...
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