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The ADEPPT Clinical Trial opens in Beaumont Hospital

November 27, 2023 | Blog
The ADEPPT Clinical Trial opens in Beaumont Hospital

My name is Professor Jarushka Naidoo. I am a medical oncologist working in the Beaumont RCSI Cancer Centre and I am excited to announce that on November 9th we opened the ADEPPT trial in Beaumont Hospital. This trial, which is being run by ETOP-IBCSG clinical trials group, and locally by Cancer Trials Ireland focuses on providing access to novel targeted therapies for lung cancer, and to patients who are normally not included in clinical trials- to expand their reach.

Patients who are elderly with NSCLC (age over 70) or those who are unwell to start with (PS2) are often excluded from trials, but make up >40% of the population with lung cancer. KRAS G12C-mutant NSCLC is a specific type of lung cancer. Currently there are no approved targeted treatments for patients with this type of lung cancer.

The patients that will be invited to take part in this trial which involves treatment with Adagrasib are:

  1. Patients with KRASG12C-mutant NSCLC, including patients aged ≥18 years who have a poor functional status (ECOG PS=2) [Cohort 1]
  2. Elderly (≥70 years) (ECOG PS=0-1) Cohort 2

Opening and running studies like this would not be possible without the collective efforts of all members of the lung team, the molecular lab, and being part of a cancer centre that is reaching high in terms of advancing availability and access to Clinical Trials for patients.

For more information about the ADEPPT Trial Click Here