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Advancing treatment for oesophageal cancer in Ireland

December 7, 2021 | Blog
Advancing treatment for oesophageal cancer in Ireland

October 8th 2021 was a significant day for the treatment of oesophageal cancer in Ireland. The first totally robotic assisted oesophagectomy was performed successfully at Beaumont RCSI Cancer Centre, the first surgery of its kind to be performed in the country.

The surgery was performed by Mr. Will Robb and his team using the da Vinci X robotic surgical platform. Mr Robb and his team have built a depth of experience with minimally invasive surgery for resection of oesophageal cancers  which applies the latest technology to minimally invasive surgery.

The benefits of minimally invasive surgery for oesophageal cancer resections are clear. This technique greatly reduces the trauma of this operation, reduces complications and makes recovery easier.

Beaumont RCSI Cancer Centre are the only hospital in Ireland with a team delivering robotic surgery for oesophageal cancer and 1 of only 3 units in the United Kingdom and Ireland with a team and the surgical expertise able to provide this surgery.

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