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European Cancer Nursing Day 2023

May 18, 2023 | Blog
European Cancer Nursing Day 2023

Today is European Cancer Nursing Day and we are celebrating the fantastic contribution that nurses caring for our Cancer patients make in Beaumont RCSI Cancer Centre. This year’s theme is all about pioneering new approaches in cancer care through nursing innovation. Meet some of the cancer nurses involved in this in our Cancer Centre.

Emma Devoy Flood is a CNS in Head and Neck Cancer that is currently undertaking research with the RCSI to improve quality of life through the introduction of an e-support tool.


“Improving cancer nurse education improves cancer care.” Aine Byrne in the Centre of Education and Annmarie Elliot CPSN are involved in running level 9 post graduate oncology/haematology programmes with the RCSI, in addition to education programmes on Psycho-Oncology and SACT administration with the NCCP. Every year nurses are supported to attend ESO-EONS nursing masterclasses.


“Cancer Nurses have a key role in cancer prevention in Europe” The Cancer Centre has an annual calendar of cancer awareness and prevention events for staff, patients and the public.

Nurses throughout our cancer centre caring for patients with cancer are committed to delivering evidence-based personalised care that puts patients and their families at the heart of cancer care.